GoDaddy hacked the Texas abortion whistleblowing site, but still online

It is illegal for anyone to help a woman get an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, other than rape or incest.

And to take advantage of this, the Texas Right to Life anti-abortion group is urging citizens to report it. A website dedicated to “detractors” “promises” to ensure that those violators of the law are held accountable for their actions.

GoDaddy cut off

Right to Live in Texas had to look for a new home online on Friday. GoDaddy gave the team 24 hours to find another place to park your site as a hosting provider.

“We informed the site’s authoritative person about our website that he had 24 hours to switch to another provider due to a breach of our terms of service,” a spokesman for The New York Times and The Verge told The Verge late Friday.

As if he had found this home that Epik, a vendor who also helped save the controversial Gab websites, a social media platform. Parler and hate internet forum 8chan, when other web service providers did not accept them. Moreover, they are now listed as the domain registrar for

But go online from starting at 4 ET on Saturday, we saw HTTP error code 503 when trying to access it. According to Ars Technica, at first, he tried to use Digital Ocean as a hosting provider. But could also violate the rules of that provider. And is no longer stored there.

Denouncing anti-abortion website

The anti-abortion group’s website has been under siege for several days. However, with angry protesters flooding it with false advice. Including at least one false claim that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott himself broke the law.

As Motherboard reported yesterday, one TikTok activist has even created a page to load fake reports into the site’s tip box automatically. He told the New York Times that the automated tools he created received over 15,000 clicks.

But on Wednesday, Gizmodo’s Shoshana Wodinski offered activists a different way of protesting: denouncing Texas’ right to life. And complaining to GoDaddy for what she’s doing. It looks like this is what happened.

This isn’t the first time web hosting providers or even GoDaddy in particular. They have played this role: had to find a new home in October 2018. Also, GoDaddy removed from the hands of white nationalist Richard Spencer in May.

Nazi news site Daily Stormer also got GoDaddy for 24 hours looking for a new home in August 2017. Finally switched to the dark web. However, Gab was able to return and, apparently. Right to Life in Texas managed to avoid removal.


Image courtesy of Global News/YouTube

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