‘Godfall’ combat trailer showcases high octane action

There’s a lot to be excited about in the next generation of consoles releasing later this year. Of course, gamers are more excited about the next-gen games, one of which is Godfall.

Gearbox Software’s Godfall is one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5. We’ve seen a lot of the game already, and fans can’t help but be excited about it. With a release nearly approaching, we are getting to see more of the game. Just recently, the devs behind it released a new trailer showcasing the game’s combat.

Intense melee action

The game is often described as a melee-focused version of Destiny. We have seen only snippets of the game’s combat through previous trailers, but the new footage shows it off fully. Based on what we can see, the developers have obviously refined every aspect of the game’s intense combat system.

In the game, players will get to use an assortment of melee weapons. Their fighting style will depend on what type of weapon they have. For instance, we can see in the trailer that when using a sword and shield, players can throw their shield ala’ Captain America.

The game isn’t all about hitting enemies up close as there are a few magical abilities as well. When using spears, for instance, players can create small explosions that can obliterate enemies.

In terms of defending, blocking is an available option. However, players can slide and dodge around the map as well. This can be an effective strategy as it can allow players to get behind enemies in Godfall.

More about the game

The developers are trying to create a game that’s highly sustainable. This means a game that players can play for a long time without feeling bored. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing some form of endgame content in the title.

As per the developers, there will not be any form of microtransactions in the game. This is great news for players who want to enjoy games without having to pay extra for more content and in-game items.

Godfall is one of the early titles for the PlayStation 5, and gamers have high hopes for it. The game does have a PC version coming soon as well. As one of the introductory titles of the next-gen of consoles, the game has a lot resting on its shoulders, so the developers need to step up.

Image used courtesy of Godfall/YouTube

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