Godfall goes gold ahead of PlayStation 5 release

Gearbox Publishing’s Godfall is one of the new IPs to hit the next generation of consoles, and fans are excited about it. Those worrying about possible delays amidst the pandemic shouldn’t worry anymore as the developers have reached a new milestone.

A lot of developers have been struggling to make ends meet when it comes to developing games because of the current conditions. The good news is that Gearbox Publishing isn’t having any issues when it comes to Godfall for the next generation of the PlayStation.

Game goes gold

In a recent tweet, the people behind the upcoming title has announced that it has officially gone gold. This basically means that work on the first version of the game is done. The next step is the manufacturing of the physical copies before it launches later this year.

As per the tweet, Counterplay Games – the developers, and Gearbox Publishing – the publishers, have all been working from home to finish the game despite the limitations and challenges. A lot of developers are using the same setup to develop their games. While it lets them move forward, there are a lot of limits to what they can do with the setup.

What is ‘Godfall?’

Godfall is an upcoming melee-focused game that’s been likened to Bungie’s Destiny.  The game features intense close-quarters combat with elements of magic and fantasy. Fans have been ecstatic to see some of the gameplay footage for the title as it looks like an amazing game.

Melee weapons and the armors that players wear will play a huge role in the game. This will allow them to make use of new abilities and skills. The game will feature various worlds, each corresponding to a certain element. Players will have to adjust their loadout to gain an advantage over these worlds.

As per the developers, the game will not have any microtransactions. However, they are still planning on supporting the game for a long time, much like how Bungie supports Destiny. This basically means that we could be getting DLC for the game in the future.

No exact release date has been given for Godfall just yet, but the game is said to arrive during the holiday season. Fans are expecting it to release shortly after the launch of the PlayStation 5. It’s a new IP that fans have high hopes for and hopefully, the developers deliver.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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