‘Godfall’ shows off Silvermane with a brand new trailer

'Godfall' shows off one of its characters in a new trailer

PlayStation 5 launch title Godfall puts the regal Silvermane on display with an awesome class reveal teaser trailer.

Counterplay Games’ Godfall—one of the debut titles of the next-generation PlayStation 5—just gave gamers a better look at the kingly Silvermane class with a brand new trailer.

The 30-second teaser didn’t show all that much beyond a few close-ups of the fiery, lion-themed armor zooming out to a full-body view, with the words “ascend lionhearted with Silvermane” echoing in the background.

Godfall’s unveiling

The curtain was lifted on the next-gen action RPG during last year’s The Game Awards, which took place in December. The game was revealed to be the first confirmed PlayStation 5 title, which is slated for release towards the end of 2020.

Godfall’s game world takes inspiration from various fantasy novels, including The First Law and The Stormlight Archive series, while the combo system and melee weapons were partly based-off of Capcom‘s critically acclaimed Monster Hunter franchise.

The perks of being part of the Knight’s Order

Godfall takes place in an epic fantasy setting where the world is divided into five realms, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit.

Players will have to don the mantle of one of the few remaining members of the Knight’s Order, tasked with the heavy burden of stopping the end of the world.

Gamers will have their choice of three different character classes, each with their distinct armor sets known as “Valorplates”—the aforementioned Silvermane being one of them.

The Valorplates will be customizable to a certain degree, though exactly how customizable remains a mystery at this point. Godfall can be experienced entirely in single-player, but will also feature a cooperative multiplayer mode which supports up to three people.

Godfall is a different kind of “Looter”

Looter shooters have been all the craze lately, taking the Diablo looting system and pairing it up with first or third-person shooting mechanics. What you’d end up with are games like Borderlands, Destiny, The Division, and Anthem.

The upcoming action title is trying to mix things up a little by calling itself a “looter slasher,” featuring a third-person perspective but focusing mainly on brutal melee combat as opposed to gunning enemies down from afar—sort of like Darksiders 2 but way prettier to look at and with a lot more loot.

Godfall remains on track for release this holiday season on the PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Featured image courtesy of PlayGodfall/Twitter

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