‘Godfall’ will not have microtransactions says developer

Of all the confirmed titles for the PlayStation 5, one that we already know a lot of is Godfall. This launch title is already highly anticipated, and it seems like fans have more reason to enjoy it.

Godfall is seen as a melee-based version of The Division and Destiny. That being said, one of the initial concerns of fans is that the game will have microtransactions. However, the developers recently spoke up about the matter. Fans are surely going to get more hyped.

Microtransactions aren’t present

In a recent interview with Arekkz Gaming, the game’s technical producer Richard Heyne says that there will be no microtransactions in the game.

“We don’t consider the game a service,” Reyne told Arekkz. “There are no microtransactions in Godfall, but we are planning that there is plenty of content for the player to dig into once [main villain] Macros is defeated. Once you’ve completed the campaign, you will have the ability to go back to these realms and explore them in new ways, to experience new encounters, new challenges.”

Players are certainly going to view this statement as something good for the upcoming new IP. One of the issues in games like these is that microtransactions eventually take the fun out of grinding. In the worst cases, the microtransactions promote a pay-to-win system.

How does progression work?

In Godfall, grinding and progression is still going to be a part of the core experience. With regards to progression and grinding, Heyne says that there will be an experience that players can complete in the game. The end-game is still present in the upcoming title as well.

Once players complete their ascent of the Skybreaker Monolith, there’s going to be a lot more they can do and revisit. This brings up another concern for fans, which is whether or not the game will be replayable long after players finish it. This can only be addressed if the developers consistently release extra content or DLC for the upcoming title.

Godfall launches for the PlayStation 5 and PC this holiday. It is one of the first games for the next generation of consoles. There’s already a lot of hype behind it for a new IP. Although many are concerned with the game’s structure, it seems like the developers already have their plans to make sure that the game is as replayable as possible without relying on microtransactions.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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