‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ winner confusion finally cleared by movie director

Godzilla vs. Kong trailer snapshot

Godzilla vs. Kong movie director Adam Wingard’s recently launched Reddit AMA session has brought forth an answer to the film’s most pressing question.

The sequel to 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters has featured a rivalry of two of the MonsterVerse’s iconic creatures. A notion that’s already quite telling considering the said title’s explicit mention of the two gargantuan creatures.

Clash of Two Titans

Audiences spent an almost 2-hour experience on the big screen becoming witnesses to the colossal rampage between a massive ape and a humongous lizard. Only for the titanic ordeal to end with a stalemate with the two surviving each other’s animosity and domination.

The idea that none of the two competing monsters ended in their grave has undeniably left many confused as to who did win. Others otherwise see it for seemingly what it represents—a draw after the two decided to just call it quits.

But for the movie director, there is actually a clear winner in the movie that may only have eluded certain viewers. Dispelling the confusion, Adam Wingard provided the answer in social media following a direct query to the subject.

There’s a Winner

Going straight to the point, Wingard claims that Godzilla being the clear winner, citing how he killed Kong. Which, indeed, is true, considering how the gigantic gorilla had seen a temporary death before being artificially revived to fight a different enemy. Not going into spoiler territory, we will save the mention of who that another enemy is.

But while the director had a clear intention of who’d be the emerging victor from the start, Kong’s not necessarily a loser. Which, according to him, is actually a kind of winner himself—winning the movie, that is.

Despite directorial powers to steer the movie however he wants, Wingard had in talks with Warner Bros. regarding the topic. That is, suggesting that the company had in agreement with him over the subject from the beginning. Moreover, every draft of the script also seems to suggest that Godzilla has been decidedly the dominating force. Something that has been pretty consistent and immutable throughout the script’s development.

With a success that sees Godzilla vs. Kong dominating the box office, it’s unsurprising that notions over a sequel being in place. Warner Bros. have yet to officially put a word on it. But Wingard appears pretty ecstatic over the idea of directing it.

Image used courtesy of Warner Bros./YouTube Screenshot

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