Golden State Warriors may get back in contention next season

Golden State Warriors will 'get back in contention' next season

The Golden State Warriors will figure to become their old selves next season when they get a rested combo of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Many pundits said that the Golden State Warriors dynasty was over in 2019. Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors dismantled them in the 2019 NBA Finals. However, they failed to consider that the team was ailing from an injured pair of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Also, the Warriors were already a dynasty even before Durant came in.

Had it not been for the injuries, Durant said that they would have had won the 2019 Finals for a historic three-peat. Unfortunately, that aspiration didn’t turn into a reality. To add insult to injury, the Warriors are holding the worst record in the league this season.

The Dub nation is hoping that they can turn their fates around next season when they get Curry and Thompson back.

Golden State Warriors resurgence

The Warriors team this year is unrecognizable compared to their roster for the past few years. The supporting cast of Green, Curry, and Thompson are all gone except for Looney. Their season started differently when they signed D’Angelo Russell and a couple of role players.

After the All-star break, the Warriors team changed again when Russell was traded to the Wolves for Wiggins. It wasn’t long before Steph Curry returned to the team to do his usual fireworks. However, the team behind was lacking the luster that the Warriors had for the past season.

Fortunately, they will get Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry fully rested next season. Also, they are assured of a top-five pick in October’s NBA Draft night. They could either keep that pick or trade him for a veteran to instantly catapult the team to the Finals.

Klay Thompson’s importance to the Warriors

NBA legend Jerry West didn’t mince his word when he praised Klay Thompson for his unique talents. He said,

“to me, the perfect player — and he wasn’t as far along in his career when this trade had been talked about — the perfect player for Steph was Klay. He never seeks the spotlight. He just plays the game. And he has gotten better and better, and frankly, he’s one of the most underrated players in the league who gets not as much love as he should get.”

Thompson and Curry are arguably the league’s best backcourt when they’re both healthy. They offer the team extreme firing power that any one of them can go off in an instant. It’s quite a wonder to see them run around the court without the ball in their hands. Also, they know each other’s playing style, which makes them all the more lethal.

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