Golden State Warriors may land either Embiid or Simmons

Golden State Warriors may land either Embiid or Simmons

The Golden State Warriors could land either Embiid or Simmons if they trade away the number two pick during the Draft night.

There is a lot of basketball left for this season, and an NBA champion still has to be crowned. Fortunately, the league found a way to continue the season, albeit the big changes in the NBA bubble.

Basketball action will not just end after a champion wins. Immediately after the NBA Finals, the Draft night will kick in, and the Golden State Warriors will be busy.

Golden State Warriors are looking to trade

It seems unfair that the Warriors will get to keep their big-three of Curry, Thompson, and Green next season and still get the number two pick. All three players are at the prime of their careers. As such, the Warriors will want to implement a win-now mindset for the next season.

They will look to trade for assets that can immediately contribute on the floor. Right now, they have plenty of options to consider starting with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers were just handed a sweeping by the Celtics last week. As a result, Brett Brown was fired, and they want to move forward.

Make no mistake, Embiid and Simmons are still the core duo of the Sixers. However, the Warriors could send them a package that could tickle the interests of Elton Brand. Adrian Wojnarowski suggests that the Warriors have the assets to pull off such a trade. However, the front office of the Sixers remains adamant about unlocking the Embiid-Simmons duo.

Who would be a better fit for the Warriors?

Having either Simmons or Embiid in a team is a wonderful idea. However, only Joel Embiid is the rationale option for a potential trade. Simmons can run the floor and play bully-ball on the paint. Unfortunately, he can’t sink a jumper inside our outside the arc. In other words, he’d be a sore thumb in Kerr’s system.

Joel Embiid, on the other hand, has the tools to fit perfectly inside the Golden State Warrior’s system. He’ll have to adjust his heavy low-post offense, but he’s a decent scorer on the floor anyway. As such, he’d slot right into the role that DeMarcus Cousins played during this Warriors stint.

Only this time, the Warriors will get a healthy and bouncy dominant big-man on the floor. The thought of Green, Curry, Thompson, and Embiid in the West is a scary idea. Unfortunately, it might take a long time before this is realized. The Sixers still have to fix their roster and front office issues. After this, they may be able to start the talks.

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