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Golden State Warriors, retooling for championship run


The Golden State Warriors will need a retooled team in order to compete properly for another championship run.

The period after Lebron James‘ Miami Heat big-3 era was laden with the colors of gold and blue. It was a stage in the NBA’s history when the Golden State Warriors single-handedly changed the course of the league.

It championed the small-ball mindset with a sub-7 foot center manning the paint. At that position was the versatile Draymond Green who not only facilitated the ball well but was also the heart of the team.

Unfortunately, that team didn’t show up this year. Instead, they were relegated to the end of the pack with a league-worst 15-50 record. They will look to bounce back this year with the following rumored acquisitions.

Can Jeremy Lin be the Golden State Warriors’ back-up PG?

One-time NBA champion Jeremy Lin didn’t renew his contract with the Beijing Ducks. He hopes that an impending come back to the NBA is possible. In his stint in the Chinese Basketball Association, Lin took over each game he played in with ease. As such, the Warriors are reportedly interested in bringing him into the fold.

This rumor comes from an untrusted source which could mean that the return of Lin to the NBA could not be true. Nonetheless, it is still picking up steam which could make it a reality. If it does, Steph Curry will get a reliable ball-handler behind him who could also shoot the 3-ball with precision.

Deni Avdija draws interest from the championship team

This year, the pressure on the Warriors to make a strong comeback is heavy. Besides Thompson, Curry, and Green, the Warriors do not have the tools to compete with a powerful team like the Lakers. The best player they have outside of the big three is Andrew Wiggins.

However, even he is having a hard time finding his real space in the league. As such, the Warriors may be looking at potentially making him dispensable. The Dubs have the 2nd overall pick in this upcoming draft and they are reportedly in awe with what Deni Avdija offers on the table.

The potential top-rookie candidate is a professional basketball player in Maccabi Tel Aviv of the Israeli Basketball Premier League and the EuroLeague. If Luka Doncic is any barometer, Avdija could also be a high-risk high-return type of player. He plays as a wing player and as a power forward comfortably.

Kevin Durant left a huge void when he left for the Nets. Therefore, the Warriors need to find an answer fast, and that solution could be Avdija. Naturally, he is not expected to start right away. Nonetheless, what he has shown so far could easily catapult him to the top of the Draft Night.

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