Golden State Warriors still highly talked about in bubble

The Golden State Warriors are reportedly still on the minds of the NBA teams inside the bubble despite not being in the Playoffs.

For the past five seasons, the Golden State Warriors dominated the league. They won three out of the five NBA finals then. Unfortunately, their team crumbled under the injury plague. As a result, they had a league-worst record. However, just like the usual positive Steph Curry, they always see the good from the bad.

Because they had the worst record this season, they were able to land the second pick in the Draft Night. In addition, they also get to keep their core players for the next season. Other teams know this, and they are worried.

Golden State Warriors still talk of the town

Bob Fitzgerald, who’s doing game-coverage duty in the bubble, reports that the Golden State Warriors are still in the minds of the teams. The level of competition in this post-season is high. Nevertheless, the Warriors are still sending worries in the bubble. Fitzgerald said,

“(The talk is) how [the Warriors] will be on a revenge path. How they will be back in the playoffs. How they will be back to the elite in the NBA. (There’s) all kinds of Warriors discussion, vis-a-vis the draft, potential trades, free agents. The bottom line is you got Steph, Klay and Draymond and they’re still in their prime and the five years of making it to the Finals, yeah this was the ugly, off, injured year, but people haven’t forgotten about the Warriors. They are brought up all the time.”

The lethal number two pick

The Warriors have seen plenty of successes in the past Draft Nights. It is where they made the core team of the Warriors. As such, they will likely work on the same strategizing moving forward.

They possess a valuable second pick, and they can do all sorts of tactics for it. They can trade or look for a player that can immediately contribute to the team. As of the moment, they have plenty of options to choose from during Draft Night. The biggest name that pops up is LaMelo Ball.

However, the Warriors are mum about their strategy. They are sending mixed signals as to who they will choose. If at all, they may even pick a natural point-guard to pair with Steph Curry. Also, they may end up going for a versatile big that can reinforce the paint presence of the Golden State Warriors.

Image courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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