Gong Myung is in talks for a new SBS drama

Gong Myung will join Kim Yoo Jung in the upcoming historical drama of SBS.

According to the Korean news outlet and Ilgan Sports, Gong Myung will be in the upcoming SBS drama. SBS chose Gong Myung as the male lead in the forthcoming drama Hong Chun Gi.

Is it a yes?

A representative of Saram Entertainment, Gong Myung’s entertainment agency, stated that he received the casting offer for the role in Hong Chun Gi and is currently in the middle of a discussion with the production team for the details.

The adaption

The drama Hong Chun Gi has based its story on the novel with the same name by author Jung Eun Gwol. He also wrote books Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon Embracing the Sun. The novels have famously adapted into hit dramas.

Hong Chun Gi is a fantasy romance drama that was set in the Joseon era. Earlier this week, actress Kim Yoo Jung confirmed to be in talks with the production for her role in the series. She will be in the titular role of Hong Chun Gi and the only female painter from the Joseon dynasty.

In the previous report, Ahn Hyo Seop was in talks to also be in the drama. However, it is unclear if he was offered the same role as Gong Myung.

Gong Myung on another film

Meanwhile, Gong Myung has been cast as Jae Min from the upcoming film Citizen Duk Hee.

His character will be a member of the organization behind the voice phishing scam. Jae Min decided to risk all whatever he has and became a secret informant on Duk Hee. The drama sets out to find the criminal after Duk Hee became a voice phishing scam victim.

Meanwhile, the actor and his team are yet to address the media for his final decision.

Image courtesy of K-Lover Annyeong/YouTube Screenshot

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