Gong Yoo talks about his best roles portrayed in dramas & films

Gong Yoo promoted his upcoming movie with Park Bo Gum SeoBok in SBS’s YouTube show MMTG and talked about the roles he has portrayed before.

On November 12, the Allkpop media outlet announced that Gong Yoo would be promoting his upcoming movie on SBS’s YouTube channel.

On November 19, the fans’ awaited day has finally come as they have been given a chance to share a glimpse of their idol.

The actor somehow draws attention to his appearance as he made sincere talk about his roles portrayed before.

Choosing among his previous roles

In the YouTube broadcast episode, host Jaejae asked the upcoming Seobok actor to play a mini Olympic game. In the said game, the actor will pick his favorite character.

The host then brought pictures of Gong Yoo’s previous roles, and then Jaejae showed two at a time to the actor.

The first reveal is between the character Han Kyul from Coffee Prince and Gi Jun from the movie Finding Mr. Destiny. The actor quickly chose the Coffee Prince‘s character Han Kyul and stated it was an easy choice.

Gong Yoo further shared that he does have affection for Gi Jun, but he’s not enough to beat Han Kyul.

Furthermore, the host showed Kang In Ho from the movie Silenced and Seok Woo from the movie Train to Busan. Gong Yoo found it hard to choose, but in the end, he picked Kang In Ho from Silenced.

Much harder choices to make

Moreover, the next pair is between Kim Shin from the drama Goblin and Dae Hyun from Kim Ji young: Born 1982. 

Gong Yoo made a deep thought for a bit, but later on, he chose Kim Shin over Dae Hyun. Gong Yoo’s reason for selecting the character is strong.

Gong Yoo had to make the most challenging choice after choosing Han Kyul over Kang In Ho and Kim Shin over Dae Hyun. He is now going to choose between Coffee Prince’s Han Kyul and Goblin’s Kim Shin.

For a while, Gong Yoo thought deeply. However, the actor finally decided and chose the character, Kim Shin, as his favorite character.

Gong Yoo explained that he chose Kim Shin because he felt the character as Han Kyul’s more mature version with his difficult choice.

He further explained that the character who experienced the most sadness from all his characters was Kim Shin.


Image courtesy of KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

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