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‘Good Girls’ season 4 renewed, Rio and Phoebe prepares to battle it out


The comedy-drama TV series, Good Girls is confirmed to return to NBC. Season 4 brings more fights and alliances.

NBC took the initiative to renew the series after Good Girls season 3 did not reach the finale. Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic shut down the TV industry, which included the filming of Good Girls. However, fans will get to see more of the series’ plot next season.

The series follows the lives of three women who became fed up with their present situations. Having different struggles in life, they decided to change their course. Good Girls season 1 took Beth, Annie, and Ruby to rob a grocery store and finally enabled them to restructure their lives with the money they robbed.

Throughout the three seasons, the characters came face to face with danger, love, betrayal, and friendship. Good Girls season 4 will delve deeper into the women’s instincts to survive.

Good Girls season 4 plot

Several episodes of the third season did not make it to the home screens. Showrunner Jenna Bans and EP Bill Krebs explained the remaining episodes will be the first part of the fourth season. Moreover, Krebs asserted that the finale will be the premiere of season 4. Krebs said,

You get a finale as your premiere. I think we’re gonna make it pretty seamless.

Good Girls season 3 revealed that Rio was alive after Beth shot him. For 11 episodes, Rio constantly plans on killing Beth. However, the showrunners revealed that Good Girls season 4 will bring Rio and Beth to work together. According to Bans,

“We were going to, and still will in the opening of season 4, throw them into putting that adversarial weaponry aside and having to begrudgingly work together in a way that they haven’t before. That chemistry is not something that can be snuffed out, so it brings up all of that good stuff, them working in such close proximity.”

In season 4, fans will also see a twist in the character of the new FBI agent, Phoebe. The girls’ strong friendship will intrigue the FBI agent, and will somehow long for that kind of relationship. Moreover, Beth and Phoebe will become friends at the same time enemies.

Hence, Good Girls season 4 will either bring alliances or enemies in the lives of Beth, Annie and Ruby.

Good Girls season 4 release date

NBC has not announced the official release date, however, speculations point in late 2021. In the meantime, NBC has also renewed Chicago and Law & Order: SVU.

Good Girls season 4 trailer

Unfortunately, there is no available trailer yet from NBC.

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