‘Good Witch’ season 6 last two episode spoilers: Is Adam leaving town?

Good Witch season 6 is down to its last two episodes. Fans are already looking out for the details on what’s going to happen next.

Hallmark’s Good Witch is one of the most well-loved shows in TV history. Since its premiere in 2015, it has formed a solid fanbase.

And now that’s it’s almost at the end of the sixth season, fans are curious about what’s in store for Cassandra Nightingale, Dr. Sam Ramford, and the rest of the gang.

Episode 9 spoilers

According to spoilers, Good Witch season 6 episode 9 is going to show Cassie (Catherine Bell) inviting her friends on a trip to Chicago to help reconnect.

It’s not known yet what’s the trip going to be really all about in the penultimate episode but it’s expected to be more than just an outing.

There’s certainly a bigger purpose as to why they are heading up to Chicago. Moreover, the synopsis stated that Sam (James Denton) is going to be called in to assist when the new surgeon’s techniques fail.

Another question that is most likely going to be addressed in episode 9 is the status of Adam (Scott Cavalheiro). Is he going to leave town?

He is in dilemma with the choice he has to make. As seen in the promo, he will be going over the pros and cons of grabbing a new opportunity elsewhere.

He is clearly hesitating because of his relationship with Stephanie (Kylee Evans). It would be difficult to see them apart but he will need to make a choice soon.

Episode 10 spoilers

The penultimate episode is expected to set up things for the season finale. Titled “The Bird,” episode 10 is speculated to be a dramatic installment.

It may also end up with a cliffhanger especially if the show is working on running a new season. They will want to close it in a way that fans will look forward to should they renew for season 7.

As noted in the spoilers, the season finale will have Cassie and Martha (Catherine Disher) smudge the mayor’s mansion in preparation for her housewarming gala.

Meanwhile, Abigail (Sarah Power) and Donovan (Marc Bendavid) will decide to reunite and for one last time, they will fight against Merriwick-Davenport.

Will there be a season 7?

With the show nearing the end of season 6, fans continue to keep themselves updated on a renewal.

As of the moment, there is still no update from Hallmark yet on whether they will give a green light for season 7. Fans will have nothing to worry though as the network may announce it soon.

Until then, fans will have to stay tuned for more updates on the future of Good Witch.

Featured image used courtesy of Hallmark Channel/YouTube screenshot

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