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Google accidentally showed off Pixel 5 and revealed its price


Google’s Pixel 5 pricing has been revealed by an untimely leak from the company’s Japanese Twitter account. The phone is set to cost ¥74,800 ($709) at launch.

The most awaited Google Pixel 5 is expected to arrive on Sept. 30. With that, many people, including us, are very excited!

And before the official release, Google Japan’s Twitter account seemingly thought the phone had already launched. It briefly posted some essential details about the device, including its price.

Google’s accidental tweet

The tweet was deleted abruptly, but not before 9to5Google spotted it. The leak included partial images of the upcoming Pixel 5 and some Japanese characters.

From the image of the device, we can see that Pixel 5 has a punch-hole camera in the top left corner of the screen. It also looks to be an otherwise all-screen design. However, since we can’t see the bottom edge of the phone, we can’t be sure that there’s no chin there.

According to Tom’s Guide, the image confirms the Pixel 5 design we’ve seen in previous leaks. Much like many other leaks that have been revealed, this accidental post shows how the Pixel 5 will use a punch-hole selfie camera to deliver a near bezel-less display.

In addition, there are still noticeable bezels around the phone’s display. And to measure in at around six inches, unlike the smooth curved display edges found on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The leak gives the Pixel 5 the same practical design as the Google Pixel 4a. Aside from that, it also has the same unfussy design DNA as previous Pixel phones. So, it is safe for us to expect the device to have a simple rear design with a dual or triple rear camera array.

Google Pixel 5 price revealed

With all the specs and features leaked, the Pixel 5 will be less of Google’s flagship phone. It makes sense since it’ll use a mid-range Snapdragon 765G chip, as opposed to a high-end Snapdragon 8-series chip found in previous Pixel phones.

By using a lower chip, the Pixel 5 should be able to keep its price below that of the existing flagship. As Google Japan happened to post the Pixel 5’s worth, revealing it will cost ¥74,800. That converts to $700, which is notably less than the Pixel 4’s $799 launch price.

This price is not accurate unless confirmed by the company itself. However, the Pixel 5 is expected to be cheaper than its predecessor, and this accidental tweet appears to confirm that rumor. This price is also in line with previous U.S.-based leaks, as tipster Jon Prosser previously claimed that the new phone would cost $699.

Images used courtesy of TT Technology/YouTube Screenshot.

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