Google added features in YouTube for students

Google included features that will help students and educators during the lockdown.

Students and instructors stayed home due to the inconveniences COVID-19 brought. The continuing pandemic led to the disruption of classes. It also affects the earning calendar of many educational institutions. YouTube added content to give students informative time during the lockdown.

YouTube Learning provides resources that offer learning based on the curriculum of students. It is to let them continue education while in lockdown. It is useful to students that need to keep their academic needs and opted to learn online.

Google also provided free access to Google Meet’s premium features. It allows students and educators to conduct video conferences up to September 2020. The application now allows up to 250 individuals in one video conference. This update also informs many educators in using this medium. This method gives excellent help to educators who struggle with their students’ needs.

The added resources in YouTube Learning depended on what the students need to learn. These resources include relevant topics that fall back on their curriculum. These topics help students subsist themselves from the struggles brought by COVID-19. YouTube aims to rank learning ability in every aspect.

Google also added items related to creativity, such as photography. Most of them are skills that students want to enhance. These added features occurred to help students use their time at home. Students can hone their skills and discover new learning through this added feature.

Google released this helpful material to help students cope with educational struggles. Users can use YouTube learning in desktop and mobile applications.

Teacher approved applications

Google also launched a teacher-approved kids section in the Play Store. It existed to ensure the safety of kids who use several applications. It also assures that the contents are appropriate to the users. The apps that teachers approved also aim to give assurance to parents. It is also a great validation to prove that children may consume them.

The company also released books that help children entertain. This way, children can educate themselves even in a lockdown situation. The company makes sure that the kids will only take in useful information.

The kids’ section came out early from its supposed release late this year. The primary reason for its earlier launching is because of the ongoing pandemic. This action took place to provide education to kids in the middle of this trying time.


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