Google and Intel use funds to promote information and learning

Google and Intel are putting in $56 million worth of aid in battling the Coronavirus pandemic.

Presently, there are about 1.4 million reported cases of people affected by the virus. Approximately, 82,000 have died while more than 300,000 have fully recovered.

The United States of America and many other countries are facing an uphill battle in their fight against controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Most governments seem flustered with the constant rise of the cases across the country.

Unfortunately, not many countries were able to prepare for this pandemic. Nevertheless, private entities are up at arms to mobilize their expertise and funds to assist.

Intel donates $50 million to help the cause

The world’s biggest chipmaker has pledged $50 million dollars that will be spread across multiple facets in the response to the virus.

Around $40 million dollars shall be concentrated on two main efforts. The first is pouring the funds to assist their customer base in developing kits, treatments, and devices. Such funds shall also include their assistance in computer simulation and service deliveries.

The second part of the $40 million chunk will be targeted to non-profits working on the education sector.

Those that do not have access to online education and learning shall be given a priority. The geographic roll out shall start within the United States, and further out to other countries

The remaining $10 million shall be spread across multiple specific efforts. Some notable ones include the assistance provided by Intel to the Indian research on genetic analysis.

This assistance would then help Indian medical practitioners know which persons are more vulnerable to the disease.

Another notable assistance is Intel’s work with Dyson and TTP. All three companies are putting in their best minds together to produce a ventilator called the CoVent ventilator. Intel’s role here is to provide a special microchip for the ventilator.

Google’s $6.5 million effort to curb misinformation

Instead of physically helping in the cause to stop the Coronavirus, Google is reallocating funds from its advertising revenues to stop misinformation about the pandemic.

The majority of the funds shall be infused to fact-checkers and nonprofit organizations fighting misinformation.

Google said that they are making ‘local Google Trends data available for journalists, health organizations and local authorities, to help them understand people’s information needs around the world.’

The giant search company is not alone in its digital efforts. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have also contributed huge amounts to fight the online virus of misinformation among users.

A particular effort of Facebook was implemented through its WhatsApp platform where they are limiting the sharing feature of messages. Messages that have previously been forwarded 5 times may only be forwarded one-by-one by a subsequent user.

Images used courtesy of Caio Resende/Pexels, Deepanker Derma/Pexels

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