Google Android Nearby Share aims to rival Apple AirDrop file sharing feature

Google recently announced that it is rolling out its answer to Apple AirDrop, the file-sharing feature called Android Nearby Share.

Until recently, the Android Nearby Share was only limited to testers. Now, Google officially rolls out its answer to the popular Apple AirDrop file sharing feature. The feature supports Android 6.0 and later versions.

The new feature allows users to transfer and receive files from other users quite easily. Moreover, the feature does not rely on the cloud, which means it can be used even in offline mode.

How it works

Android Nearby Share works almost identical to the Apple AirDrop feature. The user only needs to activate the feature and scan the device they want to link up with. Once the two devices have linked up, the transfer can be initiated.

The feature automatically detects the best protocol to use to deliver high-speed file sharing. It can choose between peer-to-peer WiFi, Bluetooth, or WebRTC as its transfer method. This means that transferring files from one device to another does not need an internet connection at all.

Just like Apple AirDrop, the new Android file sharing feature offers a secure platform to transfer files. The feature uses several security methods to detect if malware or malicious file is being transferred.

In terms of privacy, the feature can be configured in different ways depending on user preference. It can be configured to be hidden or visible only to user contacts. It also has a feature to scan for specific people within the user’s immediate surroundings.

A bit late in the game

The Apple AirDrop feature was launched for both iPhone and Mac in 2011. Since then, Google tried to implement its file sharing feature for Android, but none came close.

AirDrop is extremely convenient and very easy to use. On top of that, not all Android smartphone manufacturers adopted the file-sharing feature developed by Google. Some manufacturers even integrated their file-sharing system into their version of the Android OS.

As of this writing, there are still several file sharing app and features on various versions of Android. Developers and smartphone manufacturers continue to innovate into this particular technology.

It is still early to tell whether the Android Nearby Share file sharing feature will be widely adopted. It is important to note that all of Google’s attempts at this have been a failure. However, based on early reviews, the feature is well on its way to the top.

Featured image courtesy of Alexey Boldin/Shutterstock

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