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Google apps launches dark mode, available for Android and iOS users


Google is finally rolling out the dark mode for all of its users around the world. The dark mode will be available within the week for Android and iOS users.

The lockdown around the world is causing a major shift in the body clocks of people. People are losing track of actual time because they have to stay within their homes day in and day out. Most home-based people are also sleeping late because they don’t have to deal with the usual morning prep and commute to work.

As such, they also end up sleeping late browsing through social media and just idly browsing the internet. Some people stay on their beds with the lights out when doing this, and the normal white background on apps produce a glare that can hurt the eyes. Fortunately, several major apps have rolled out their own dark mode, including Google.

Dark mode for Google apps

Google will finally be releasing the full roll-out of the dark mode across all of its apps except Google Maps. The company announced this via Twitter and said that both iOS and Android 10 users will get the update.

Some users actually received the dark mode option as early as October last year, but it is only this week that all of Google users will get this option. Google will stick with the trademark grayish-black color for the dark mode. The feature can be accessed in a snap especially if the phone’s default setting is in dark mode.

Once the update has been downloaded on users’ phones, the dark mode option will pop-up as an option. From there, the assistant will guide the user through the process of toggling between the light and dark mode.

Google Pixel 4a and 4a XL launch

Android is set to announce the newest addition to its smartphone line up this June. Google fans expect this phone to make or break the future of the company’s Made by Google products.

The Google Pixel 4a and 4a XL will be targeting the market of the iPhone SE, which experienced roaring success when it launched. The Pixel 4a lineup is a powerful phone on its own accord. It will have Snapdragon’s 730 SoC, and will reportedly be 5G capable. Fans expect the phone to be within the mid-tier pricing so that it can compete with the likes of the iPhone SE and the eventual OnePlus Z.

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