Google asks help from Super Pixel fans through surveys

Google is asking help from Super Pixel fans on how to possibly make Google’s services and products better in the next lineups to come.

Marketing’s most basic principle is that brands must be able to connect with their consumers. Almost all major brands across the world have their listening tool to hear their consumers’ needs. One surefire way of gathering such information is through surveys.

The world’s most valuable company, Apple, even does this themselves too. On the other hand, One Plus built its company by sending out surveys to hear what their loyal customers want. Google, for its part, is taking a page out of the Chinese company’s playbook.

Super Pixel fans survey form

The company wants to listen to their Pixel customers better. Its survey doesn’t beat around to bush to get what it wants from its consumers. It goes straight to asking for several opt-in questions, such as asking for the participants’ name, birthday, and mailing address. Going past the personal information, the survey moves directly into the meatier part of the questions.

It goes and asks how much the users love Google from a scale of one to ten. Further, it probes into the participants’ usage of Google products, whether they have a Pixel phone or any MadebyGoogle product. If the participants have a Pixel phone, the survey asks if they would refer the phone to their relatives or friends.

Google gave the idea that they may reward any successful referral. These prizes could be store credits on the Playstore or exclusive first access to new devices that Google will launch. Unfortunately, the survey is still only limited to users in the U.S. Nonetheless, it only shows that Google is interested in learning what its users want from the company in the future.

Google Pixel 4a launch date

The survey had two dates specifically mentioned in the survey about a Super Pixel fan event. It would most likely be an online meeting of further questioning the participants’ involvement in Google. Unfortunately, the survey didn’t mention anything about the upcoming new Google Pixel 4a phone.

Nevertheless, Google followers believe that the company is about to release the new budget phone soon. It could be as early as the week of August 3 already. The Pixel 4a has been delayed for quite some time now. It even had a rumor scare of being completely discontinued after the Pixel 3a went out of stock in the Google store.

Image used courtesy of pixinoo/Shutterstock

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