Google Assistant will present guest mode for private search

Google Assistant has launched its new feature, which is the guest mode. The guest mode of Google Assistant will provide a private voice search.

Google is doing a great job on its privacy policies. Similarly, Google is going to launch its new “guest mode” feature for Google Assistant. The company rolled out this information in its recent blog post on security issues.

Along with this, Google Assistant’s new Guest mode feature will be available on home devices, including the Nest Hub and Nest Audio.

Users can enable guest mode from a simple voice command. Along with this, the search engine will not save any user data in the guest mode.

In addition to that, the information given by Google tells that this feature will be available in the coming few weeks. In normal mode, the search engine saves all user’s interaction data of Assistant on the user’s account.

The user and Google can delete the records. The search engine deletes that record automatically after 3, 18, or 36 months.

What is Google Assistant?

Google is the owner of the Google Assistant that is an artificial intelligence powering a Virtual Assistant. On May 18, 2016, The company launched the virtual assistant, which is available in more than 30 languages.

It is available for Android, Chrome OS, iOS, iPadOS, KaiOS, and Linux OS.

Users can use the assistant in Android devices, Google nest, wear OS, Android TV, smart speakers, headphones, smart displays, iPad, and many more devices.

At first, the virtual assistant was a part of Google’s messaging app Allo.

What is Google assistant’s guest mode?

Guest mode is going to be one of the most popular privacy features of the company. It can be similar to Google Chrome’s incognito mode.

For example, When a user will activate guest mode in Google Assistant, Google will not save any user’s activity, voice interaction, personalized result, and data.

Additionally, The guest mode feature will disable the personalization feature of the assistant. Apart from this, Users can turn off guest mode to get a full personalized experience.

Google comments that there are many times users may not want their Assistant’s information saved to their Google accounts. That’s why in the coming week, they will be introducing the guest mode.

In addition to that, they explained that guest mode is a new way to use Google Assistant on their home devices. With a straightforward voice command, users can turn on guest mode, and it will not save any of their data.

Image courtesy of Piotr Swat/Shutterstock

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