Google brings Halloween to life using augmented reality

Google brings Halloween to life using augmented reality

An Augmented Reality of ghosts has been lurking in the search bar. Google is celebrating this year’s Halloween with the use of AR.

For those seeking a ghostly experience online, Google has something to offer you this weekend. Augmented reality of such you can easily witness right through your mobile devices.

Since everyone is on lockdown and cannot physically hold Halloween Parties, Google came up with such a Halloween experience through their search bar. It will appear as an option for a specific Halloween term.

How does it work?

On your mobile device, when you search for a term that is related to Halloween, the suggested results will appear, and you have to scroll it down in order for you to witness the AR-powered images. Then you will encounter a box that prompts “Summon up a 3D Ghost” and viola!

According to TechCrunch, you have to tap the “VIEW” in order to see the 3D Ghost. There you will see a specter floating and roaming around the room.

Aside from the floating ghost, there is also a dancing skeleton, creepy jack-o-lantern sets, and animals like customized cats and dogs. It was launched ahead of the upcoming weekend in the US, where Halloween falls.

Google brings Halloween to life using augmented reality

According to Google, its features will work on the Google Search app and also in the mobile device’s browser. For iPhone users, in order to encounter the 3D ghost, you have to move around your phone wherever you are in the house.

For android devices, it also works, but there is a button that you have to click. A separate button that says “View in your space” and the 3D ghost will appear.

The most creepy part of this AR ghost is that it leaves a shadow as if the entity is present in the room. You can move around the device, zoom in and out, and you can also pin it with your finger in order to get close to you.

Creepy music to spice up the experience

In addition to the 3D Ghosts experience, Google also added spooky music that will make the user’s experience creepier. What would it be like if you encountered a dancing skeleton without creepy music, right?

You can also take a photo or a video of the 3D Ghosts and share it with your friends! Plus, at the bottom of your screen, there are other 3D suggestions that you can try.

Google in 3D

This is not the first time Google has done these 3D features. They also have 3D models of almost everything like spaceships, places, animals, moons, other celestial bodies, the planets as well as scientific terms. Back to Halloween features, Google also introduced Black Cat and Werewolf for their Hello Nest device.

Images used courtesy of TplaysTouhou/YouTube Screenshot

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