Google Calendar side panel adds a powerful Google Maps add-on

Google Calendar side panel adds a powerful Google Maps add-on

Users can now have an “all-in-one” calendar with the integration of Google Maps on the side screen. And its functions as ‘Google Maps’ can be done all here.

According to 9to5google, some personal Google Accounts have it, the latest on Google Calendar featuring Google Maps is something worth adding to our to-do list activities. Users can now navigate maps on their Google Calendar that is located on the side panel placed under Keep and Tasks.

Google Maps on calendar panel

You can easily locate the Google Maps icon on the side panel of your calendar. Once you click on the icon, it will load a search field and map view. Then there are two tabs for Recent and Saved.

The Recent Tab keeps your recent search queries while the Saved Tab keeps your lists. If you key in the search box, three suggested categories will appear: Groceries, Takeout, and Hotel.

This feature is much similar to Google Maps’ full application. By typing the location in the search box, it will immediately appear on the map. While the other half of it showcases things or actions you can do like Directions, Save, Send to your Phone, and Copy Link.

You can also see listings of hours, contact numbers, and of course, reviews of a certain place. Since it is Google Maps, the Directions is quite impressive as it features all possible routes you can navigate and with possible modes for traveling.

Compact but big advantage



Now that Google Maps is added to Google Calendar, there is nothing you can look for outside of it. A compact yet useful experience in one lets the users feel of convenience and less hassle.

Basically, all you need to do is here, and this latest add-on completes it. You can also open Google Maps on a full screen for a better view.

Another unique advantage is the Recent and Saved tabs that can keep and save you more time in searching. With complete features of business hours and reviews, you also saved money on where to buy cheap grocery items or to dine in to not so expensive restaurants nearby. You can also see “People Also Searched for” at the top of the search in connection to what you’re looking for on the map.

This latest add-on was made after the recent rollout of Google Tasks Integration on Google Calendar. For now, it has been featured on other personal google accounts but not yet in Google Workspace Accounts. Google is yet to comment on this.

For now, Google Maps on Google Calendar completes the need for the day-to-day activity for every user, but we can expect more to come, and maybe they will add new features that will take us by surprise on to their next update or rollout.

Images used courtesy of Simpletivity/YouTube Screenshot.

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