Google celebrates NASA’s 20th anniversary for ISS

Google and NASA mark the 20th anniversary of human life on the International Space Station. The Soyuz TM-31 spaceship touched the orbiting lab on November 2, 2000.

Google Art & Culture is commemorating the 20th anniversary of humans living and working at the International Space Station (ISS) to cooperate with NASA. Here are all the cool things one can do alongside traversing in a 3D prototype of the ISS with Google.

The commemoration by Google

Marking 20 years of humans living and working in the International Space Station (ISS), Google Arts & Culture, in collaboration with NASA, brings you a unique project.

It also incorporates NASA collections, stories, and great new games to learn more regarding ISS and space exploration.

Twenty years ago, the original crew of permanent astronauts, cosmonauts, and researchers reached their new home on the ISS.

Subsequently, it also hit off a new chapter in human space exploration. Consequently, today, humanity can also look back on all that’s transpired.

“From cutting-edge research to serve humanity, to establishing essential foundations for international collaboration on our shared residence: Earth,” describes Google.

The features for users

For the first time on Google Arts & Culture, users will be able to traverse a newly uploaded 3D model of the ISS.

This characteristic is as useful as taking the station back down to Earth. It also undertakes meticulous examinations of each station’s module in an incredible aspect.

Also debuting is a unique multiplayer Puzzle Party experiment. This experiment is Google’s original game production in collaboration with a single partner.

The original launches by Google

Consequently, the game includes a dedicated collection of images from NASA’s ISS archives on Google Arts & Culture to engage with friends and family.

One can piece photographs collectively. These vary from the space station’s exterior scenes to astronauts on spacewalks. These are to discover more about the incredible work being done up in orbit.

This provides the user with an in-depth, like never before space experience.

Curating the NASA experience

Dr. Gary Kitmacher, Mission Manager for ISS Communications and Education, supported curate the NASA activities and provided subject element expertise to this plan.

Kitmacher said, “I have devoted 36 years of my life regarding and reporting on this beautiful human adventure and the amazing successes of the ISS. Collaborating with Google Arts & Culture on this ISS 20th Project allows NASA to bring these accounts to a new audience.”

Through this global effort of space research, approximately 241 people from 19 countries have attended the unique microgravity laboratory.

Subsequently, the lab has hosted more than 3,000 research and scholarly investigations. These also include people from 108 countries and territories, announced NASA.

Image courtesy of Thaspol Sangsee/Shutterstock

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