Google Chrome receives new updates, performance enhancements

Google Chrome, the most popular web browser in the world, is getting some new updates and enhancements this week.

The new Google Chrome updates aim to improve user productivity, as well as deliver a fast browsing experience. On top of the update, the list is the new tab group, which is now easy to use. On the back-end side, Google said that new enhancements would make websites load faster.

New tab features

The new updates are aimed at those who use Google Chrome extensively. With many users now working from home, reliance on web browsers has increased. One of the most common problems among browsers is their lack of tab management features.

Google rolled out the tabs group feature into beta in May. The feature was met with praise for its tab management capabilities that allow for easy browsing. The tech giant said that it had made several improvements to the beta version of the feature.

The new tab groups feature allows users to organize their browser tabs. This is especially helpful when working on multiple tabs at once.

It also allows users to add a particular tab to a group. Users can then add labels and names to this group of tabs. By organizing it in groups, users can easily manage the tabs that they need for a particular set of work.

Google is also rolling out a new tab interface, especially for laptops that have touchscreen capabilities. This will allow users to flip through multiple tabs easily. The tech giant said that the feature would arrive first on Chromebook devices.

Other new features

With this latest update, Google Chrome users can now fill-up PDF files directly from the browser. According to the tech giant, this is one of the most requested features from its user base. The company adds that it will start to roll out the feature within the next few weeks.

In terms of under-the-hood enhancements, Google is rolling out the new Profile Guided Optimization. This new feature will make webpages load up to 10% faster by setting priorities on its tasks. The feature will have a limited release to Windows, Mac, and Chrome M85.

Mac users are still complaining about how resource-intensive Google Chrome is in their platform. In some cases, this is also true in the Windows platform. The browser is notorious for its intensive use of memory.

The new Google Chrome update will be Version 84. The update is already live and can be downloaded the browser’s update feature.

Featured image courtesy of NiP STUDIO/Shutterstock

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