Google Chromecast, sleek renders surface online

Google Chromecast, sleek renders surface online

Sleek renders of the Google Chromecast has surfaced online and a full view of the remote accompanying it comes to life.

The demand for streaming devices due to the pandemic has been surging. More people are opting to stay home if their means can accommodate. As such, they have more time on their hands because of less commuting and time spent on the road.

Google wants in on the fun and will allegedly release its own streaming device with its Google Chromecast. It has been rumored heavily earlier this year, but the company is expected to release it before the month ends.

Google Chromecast and its remote image render surface online

The Google Chromecast has been a nifty device to stream content from smartphones. However, it has never had its own streaming capability. Even the most powerful Chromecast Ultra only upgraded on the quality of the streams up to 4K.

As demand for on-device streaming surges, Google will allegedly deliver the feature with the latest Chromecast.

WinFuture gives his take on how he expects the Chromecast to look like. It seems like the new device will not come in the usual circular form factor. Instead, it will have a slightly oblong body. The Chromecast will have the usual HMDI cable for connecting to any television. It will also have a USB-C port for charging and the usual power button.

What makes WinFuture’s renders quite interesting is his take on the alleged remote. The remote, based on his renders, will not be big. It will just be half a size bigger than the Chromecast itself. For the buttons, it will have three dedicated ones specifically for YouTube, Netflix, and Google Assistant.

Android TV will now become Google TV

A rebranding to integrate more within the Google mother brand is about to happen. Android TV will reportedly become Google TV. As such, the latest streaming device from the company will be announced as the Google Chromecast with Google TV.

This bit of news was discovered based on the strings of code in the latest Google 2.28 updates. The latest codes will reportedly bring more integrated features on the Google Nest with other Google services.

The latest Chromecast will reportedly be launched alongside the Google Pixel 4a 5G and the Google Pixel 5. Both phones will allegedly ship with the Snapdragon 765G and will retail at relatively low prices. If they continue to ship in low numbers, these two phones could mark the end of the smartphone line from the company.

Image from WinFuture

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