Google company unveils new feature that helps find lost iPhones

Google company has announced a new feature that can help Apple users locate their lost iPhones conveniently. 

People have to pay a hefty amount to buy Apple’s iPhone. In such a situation, if you lose your iPhone, then you may have to suffer heavy losses. But if you lose your smartphone, then Google can help you with this. 

Customers will be able to find the location of their lost smartphones. Android smartphone users will also be able to enjoy the Google Assistant feature. 

Siri and Google: Find My Device

The android smartphone comes with the Find My Device app, which can locate the lost phone and lock it or erase it remotely. It becomes easy to perform when the device is associated with a Google account. To do this so, the lost smartphone must be turned on, connected to the internet, have the location turned on, and the Find my device app turned on.

However, the new feature on Google Assistant will make this function like Apple’s Siri, the smartest voice Assistant. The iPhone user can initiate pinging sound from iCloud if they don’t have any alternate iPhones. The new-updated Google assistant will rectify this problem that every phone can now locate the lost phone if associated with a lost one.

How Google’s new feature will work 

If you are an Android smartphone user, you have to turn on Google Assistant’s feature. After this, if your smartphone is lost, it will give information with Google Sound’s help. 

According to the report, some similar feature is provided by Apple in its Find My System. This feature will be seen in the upcoming iPhones globally. The new feature of Google Assistant can also be enabled in smart speakers.

Also, Google Assistant will be available in the iOS-based Google Home app. If you lose your phone, you will have to say “Hey Google, Find my Phone on Google Assistant. After this, the feature will be turned on

During this time, a critical alert message will be sent to the Apple iPhone from the Google Home app. Some apps of iPhone may be locked after this alert. Also, a special notification will go to the phone, which will remove the do-not-disturb and silent modes. 

Special approval will have to be taken from Apple to use iPhone’s apps. Apart from this, features like Assistant Routines will be supported in the Google Assistant app. 


Image courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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