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Google is experimenting with dual-touchscreen Chromebook


A much-awaited development by many, but there are many things to be done and to consider.

Google Chromebook will change the landscape of dual-touch screens

As Google’s Chrome OS lands its spot between laptops and tablets, creating its niche and considered much more useful by others, another innovation is awaiting launch. Google is now testing the dual-touchscreen Chromebook, another form factor.

The Chromebook, known for its compatibility other than tablets, offers a switch-mode from laptop to tablet, creating an edge among its fellow form factors. Now with this reality in mind, the dual touch screen from Chromebook is every man’s dream with its non-compatibility of use and simple aesthetic, making it more enticing.

According to 9to5Google, before you let your imagination run too wild and start saving up for a dual-screen Chromebook, signs currently point to “Palkia” being a prototype/experiment—not a product we’ll be able to buy one day soon.

Dual touch screen nowadays

Other manufacturers began investing in these dual touch screens years ago, including the likes of ASUS and Microsoft. Google is not left behind on this trend, as they are navigating through competition, and they are more likely to develop these dual touch screens anytime soon.

This OS device has its codename, and they call it Palkia. Listed internally as having two touchscreens and a trackpad, Palkia seems to be a non-convertible type of Chromebook. In short, it’s like a clamshell Chromebook device.

Tech experts compared this to other existing forms like the ASUS Zenbook Duo Pro with one full screen, and the other is a small screen. But let us not stress about that as we do not fully know the details of this technology.

Chromebook also said that Palkia is a prototype or an experiment, meaning, we cannot purchase this item soon on the shelves.

Another thing to consider is that the chances of appearing in the market are bleak, and no one can answer if this will be offered to the public. But one thing is for sure: Chromebook is exploring the possibilities of having more than a single screen as they follow the trends of its competitors like Windows laptop that provide two screens.

Like many other tech-savvy companies, we can only hope that this will soon happen and that people are willing to wait a year for this to happen. Once they successfully worked on the hardware for the second screen, the next question is how Chrome OS Team will work on it, the features and functionality of this secondary monitor.

Are you looking forward to this innovation from Chromebook?

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