Google gives $200 million ad grants to organizations fighting against COVID-19

Google confirms it is giving out $200 million in ad grants towards non-profit organizations fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Google is also extending its grant towards group fighting racial injustice and inequality. This recent grant puts the company’s commitment to around $1 billion. The company usually allot $800 million in ad grants annually to non-profit organizations.

The tech giant is also releasing a slew of updates for many of its services. The company is preparing to help those economies that were badly hit by the lockdown because of the pandemic.

Updates to fight the pandemic

Apart from the financial grant, the company confirms that it is releasing several new features on its platform. One new feature allows users to search and book local services. This can be done through the online platform under its Local Services Ads feature.

This Local Services Ads feature is currently exclusive to users in the United States and Canada. However, the tech giant did confirm that it is rolling it out to other countries soon.

Google vice president of ads Jerry Dischler told CNBC:

“It’s especially important now because of COVID-19 that we’re in this intense listening mode where we’re trying to get feedback from the market. We’re trying to launch products as quickly as possible to address market needs.”

Response to the coronavirus pandemic

Because of the coronavirus pandemic many industries were forced to shut down operations. This means that there is virtually no revenue stream for many of these industries. As a result, companies urge Google to at least give some lay way in terms of ad payments.

Google responds by easing up its ad pricing model. With some countries slowly lifting lockdown restrictions, it means there will be some semblance of economic activities. The tech giant is planning to capitalize on this reopening of economies by launching new ad products.

With the lockdown forcing people to stay at home, Google is investing heavily in the e-commerce industry. The company is launching a new feature on its Shopping tab that gives various information to users.

With Amazon having the majority of the e-commerce market share, Google seeks to help small business owners. Using its new Smart campaign ads, small business owners can freely advertise their locations on Google Maps.

Many believe that every facet of the community should work together to help end the pandemic. With medical workers on the frontlines, tech companies are doing their fair share of help as well. Google, with its massive resources, is doing just that.

Image courtesy of Paweł Czerwiński/Unsplash

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