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Google Gmail faces criticism after the emergence of filter problems


The Google Gmail service recently faced widespread criticism after a flaw in its filtering process emerges and allows unsafe emails to reach user inbox.

The issue appears to target the filtering component of Gmail. For some reason, emails with malicious and exploitative content are passing through the service’s content filtering mechanism. Google was quick to address the issue after users flooded social media platforms with complaints.

Google said that the issue is “affecting a significant subset of users.” Although the tech giant did address it in a timely manner, it highlights the issues that plague the system.

Broken spam filter

The issue appears to affect the Gmail email filtering system. Users report that emails with inappropriate content were able to bypass the filter. This resulted in emails with NSFW contents being delivered into the user’s inbox.

Thousands of users took to Reddit and other social media platforms to voice their concerns. The issue appeared to manifest around the last week of June until the first week of July. As of this writing, Google claims that the issue has been fixed.

In a statement, Google said:

“We have identified and since fixed the issue of a small number of promotional emails and spa being incorrectly sent to users’ primary inboxes.”

Google later claim that no accounts are compromised because of this lapse. The tech giant said that users should immediately report suspicious emails to avoid being infected with malware.

A possible attack

Google dismissed rumors claiming that its flagship email service is under attack. The company said that its filtering system just experienced a glitch and nothing serious is going on.

Thousands of users flock to various social media platforms claiming that they are receiving unwanted emails. This led many to believe that the system might have been hacked to deliver some malicious payload. Google managed to fix the issue before it propagated to more users.

The issue has some repercussions in other parts of the world. Gmail users in India reported that they were unable to use the service for several hours. Some regions report various Google services to be down as well.

For several weeks now, people around the world are complaining about various Google services going down. Since most Google services rely on Gmail for user registration, the recent issue has cascaded to other services as well. The patch that fixes the issue is already available.

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