Google Home music errors has a quick fix

Google Home music common errors, how to fix before the glitch

Google Home music users reportedly encountered various errors. The said errors could be corrected with a few simple steps.

Since its launch, Google Home music became a common companion to major households and offices. However, recent reports from users expressed frustrations on the errors they frequently encountered.

Good thing the reported errors could be corrected with a few simple steps. Some Google Home music users who managed to fix the issues shared their techniques.

Google Home music common errors

One common error with Google Home music was its failure to provide the correct song. There are artist names that come generic by a sound that ends up with the smart assistant playing a different song.

Spelling inconsistency is another issue that Google Home music users encountered. One specific example is the band Chvrches which the Google assistant interprets as churches.

The user would ask Google Home music to play songs from the band Chvrches. The smart speaker that interpreted the command as songs from churches would play classical church music.


Aside from hearing Google Home music play different music than instructed, the smart speaker also gave out common responses. An error response could be the most frustrating according to some.

Others get a Google response telling them that to get help with they need to give the device some more information. The smart speaker will further direct the user to head over to the Google Home app.

Google Home music error solutions

Luckily, all the above-mentioned issues can be corrected even before the glitch happens. Google Home music just needs to receive the correct instruction the first time for spelling and pronunciation errors.

For example, avoid commanding Google Home music to play the music from Chvrches which the device interprets as churches. Be more specific, command the device to play the Bad Company, an album from the said group.

In cases where Google Home music asks for more information, simply go to Google Home app and tap the personal icon. Click the assistant setting and choose Your data in the Assistant.

Head over to Web and App Activity and turn on the toggle. This will familiarize the device with the user’s activity on Google sites. For words that the smart speaker interprets with letter constraint, a routine must be established.

On Google Home app, click routines and tap manage routines. Click the blue icon at the lower right corner and choose the add commands under the phrase when I say. Key in the trigger phrase and then click Save.

Google Assistant should choose to add action and enter how the device should respond. That will make Google Home music play the right song even if the vowels seem constrained.

Image courtesy of John Tekeridis/Pexels

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