Google ‘hum to search’: find songs by humming

Google has rolled out the new Hum to search feature. Now the users can find a song that is stuck in their minds just by humming the tune.

Google has released a new feature for Google’s assistant. This feature is available in both Android and iOS. This feature is an upgrade to the song searching command of the assistant.

Previously the assistant would only search for a song by listening to the tuning playing somewhere. But now, the company has upgraded the feature. Now the users can hum, and Google will search for the song.

This feature has created a great rush in the users. Not only the upgrade, but the original feature was also a great hit among the users.

The user can use the voice command, “Ok, Google, what is this song?” After that, the user needs to hum for 15 seconds.

Google Assistant’s Hum to search feature

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that uses AI to configure the voice commands. In response to those voice commands, the assistant will perform tasks. A user can change settings, play music, search, and can control home appliances.

The Assistant had many features when it was released. The company releases many updates from time to time.

The latest update of the company is the Hum to search feature. This feature is the upgrade of what is this song feature.

In addition to that, the feature turns a Hum into a melody, then turns the melody into a search. The company gave a surprise about this update in a blog post. The assistant has a machine learning model that transforms audio into a number sequence.

About that, this helps the assistant to search for the correct song. Though it will give a list of songs that it thinks can match the melody. The user can click on the music to play it on YouTube directly.

Other features

On the blog post, the company revealed that the company has also inserted a new spelling algorithm. The algorithm helps the assistant to improve recognition. This will result in a better search.

About that, to get a proper search, the user needs to remember the melody fully. There are some songs whose melody is hard to hum. Those songs can be hard to search with the help of this feature.

In conclusion, sometimes it can get frustrating for the users when they can’t remember a song. What they remember is the tuning of the music. Google assistants hum to search feature can help users start a search based on the melody.

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