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Google introduced a new heart button on the discovery feed


Google has a new heart button on its discover feed. Now users can customize Google’s Discovery feed with the new heart button.

Now Google users can use a new heart button instead of an interested and non-interesting option.

When they hit the heart button on a topic, the users will receive similar types of articles on their feed. All the exciting articles will come on the top of the feed.

Users will not only get regular articles, but also receive songs, videos, and blog as per their interests.

Most of the mobile company is beginning to use Google’s discovery feed instead of their feed. Also, Samsung is going to drop Bixby for Google’s assistant.

According to information, the heart button option is not new. This option is already tested with some selected users.

Now, this feature is widely available to everyone. If users want to use this new feature, then they have to update their Google app.

What is Google Discovery feed?

Google Discovery feed is a simple feed page. This simple news and facts page provides content as per the user’s interest.

To use this feature, users don’t have to add the website URL and website name manually. However, they have to select the interested and the not interesting option on their topics.

Google discovery feed was formerly known as feeds. Discovery feed does not only provide news and content but also it gives blogs, music, and videos according to the user’s interest.

Google discovery feed is a feature of Google. Google is an American multinational technology company since September 4, 1998.

In short, it works on online advertising technology, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

How to use a heart button?

As per the information, Google has added a new button on its discovery feed. The new button of discovery feed is the Heart button.

Most of the time, the discovery feed is there on the user’s home screen. Users need to update their Google application from the play and app store.

Then, users can use the new heart button feature in the discovery feed.

The company is replacing the old interested and not interested option. Now, users will use the new heart button instead of the old version.

Therefore, users can customize the discovery feed only with the new heart button.

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