Google introduces Google Assistant’s driving mode

Google is rolling out a new feature for Android users. It is including the driving mode in the Google Assistant for a better drive.

Google is rolling out a new feature in Google’s Assistant handy for day to day travelers. This feature was first introduced the Google I/O 2019. Presently, the company is rolling out this feature for Android users.

In addition to that, the feature will be a replacement for the Android auto applications. This feature is known as the Google Assistant Driving Mode.

The feature has been seen on Google pixel for the LG velvet and the Asus ZenFone 7 Pro.

Also, most users can enable the assistant driving mode feature in the Chrome application’s recent beta update. Last year, the company gave a hint about the new feature. The company announced that the Android auto application would transform.

Google Assistant

The virtual assistant of Google is a very prominent feature that provides a hands-free experience to the users.  The users can say the wake word, “Hey Google,” and the assistant will do whatever the user asks.

About that, the virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence that responses just like a human. The assistant can search for things, change settings, play music, text someone, and more.

The virtual assistant is a better way to smart living. It can control smart appliances in your home. The assistant operates on voice commands that it can distinguish between the owner’s voice and other people’s voice.

The driving mode feature

This feature is a very recent update and has not been fully rolled out yet. The company is still trying out the update.

It will soon roll out the feature for every Android user. First of all, the company gave out the feature in Google I/O 2019.

About that, this feature provides many benefits to a Traveller while driving a vehicle. It will ensure less distraction and can navigate with voice commands. The assistant will connect with Google Maps.

In addition to that, the user can ask the assistant to play music during the drive. The user will not have to use his or her hand to do something on the phone. The driving mode in the assistant will enable a hands-free driving experience.

Also, the feature enables a user to send texts through voice commands. Not only this, but the assistant will read your incoming messages aloud and mute the other notifications.

In conclusion, Google will soon release this feature in the upcoming update. It is in the last stage of testing, and some users can turn it on.

However, the feature for those users is not working correctly. The company is making the necessary changes and will roll out the feature as soon as possible.

Image courtesy of Aiman Khair/Shutterstock

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