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Google is now working on the anti-tracking feature for Android


No matter how controversial Apple’s privacy features are, but it seems like others are following them as well. Google is a new example.

According to Endgadget, Google is reportedly working on its anti-tracking feature for Android. However, it won’t be as strict as Apple’s ad-tracking found on iOS devices.

The highly controversial and debatable privacy-centric feature was in the headlines since last year. However, the Android maker will reportedly make it slightly lenient than the iPhone maker’s version.

Is Google following Apple in privacy features?

Speaking about the anti-tracking feature of Google, it’s in the early stages of development, reported Bloomberg. The company is trying to look at how it will collect data on the Android platform. And regarding its cross-app tracking performance as well. But it’s said to focus on a less stringent feature than what Apple has implemented in its iOS 14.4 and above software versions. This will help the search engine giant to keep advertising partners on its platform.

Coming onto Apple giving more privacy, then it is quite different from any other tech firm. The ad-tracking is meant to be transparent with the users. It provides them notification regarding an app’s tracking options during installation.

Post-iOS 14.4, and iOS 14.5, developers will need to ask users for permissions to collect their devices’ Identification for Advertisers code. This code allows advertisers to track user activity across multiple apps and websites.

And thus, they can serve them targeted ads. Initially, this fantastic and secure feature was meant to come out last year with iOS 14’s debut. However, Apple pushed it further until early 2021. And also, because not everyone was happy and satisfied with this ad-tracking tool, especially Facebook.

The latter had also warned developers that it could reduce their app’s ad revenues. For this purpose, it also published full-page newspaper ads as well in several countries.

Considering the above scenario, it seems likely that Google won’t try to go this way. And its anti-tracking feature will be “less rude” to advertisers and platforms similar to Facebook.

Tech giants rethinking about data and security

An important aspect amid this new wave of people becoming conscious about data security is tech giants’ reaction. They have also begun to understand this issue’s relevance, especially after witnessing Apple’s initiative in 2020. People are now talking about privacy more than ever. Due to the California tech company’s introduction of “options,” they are willing to use them.

The ad-tracking feature is undoubtedly going to become mainstream in the next year. It might be the main reason why Google has now shown an interest in implementing a similar method. This way, the Android users won’t think about switching to the iOS platform.

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