Google Kids Space, a fun way to learn and use the tablet

Google Kids Space was recently released by the company to promote a fun and educational, safe space for its Android tablet users.

Nowadays, children are more exposed to their gadgets not by choice, but because of necessity. Schools around the world have implemented a mixed approach to education. Some are done offline while some are done online via video conferencing. As a result, the exposure time of the children on their gadgets is heightened.

Be that as it may, Google wants to ensure that the tablets are used safely by the kids. The company wants its kid users to have a virtual space where they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Google Kids Space for play and learning

Google announced yesterday that it is rolling out Google Kids Space for children that use the tablet often. The company says that the tablet space was designed with the child’s curiosity in mind. As such, parents and children can work together to set up a fun experience.

In Google Kids Space, the child user is given five tabs to choose from on the home screen. He will have a home, play, read, watch, and make tabs. Once they are pressed, the system automatically provides child-appropriate content that the child likes. The machine learns firstly because of the joint set up by the parent and the child, and secondly, through continuous usage.

Google Kids Space, a fun way to learn and use the tablet

The content provided in the tabs are all hand-picked and curated by Google. The company partnered with teachers from prestigious universities such as Harvard and Georgetown. Therefore, the parents can be assured that the materials that their children will be exposed to are of the utmost quality.

As for the Make and Watch Tab, the system will provide curated content from YouTube Kids that will suggest offline activities for the kids. Here, parents and children can work together to take Google Kids Space from online to offline. These activities can range from simple drawing practice to fun and silly science projects.

The content provided will heavily depend on the region where the tablets are used. However, all of these content are expected to be tailored fit for the children to enjoy.

Availability of the feature

At the moment, Google Kids Space is only available for new buyers of Lenovo tablets. The particular model that comes with it right out the box is the Lenovo Tab M10 (2nd Generation). However, the company is planning to roll out the feature in the succeeding OS updates on Android tablets.


Images from NadyaEugene/Shutterstock and Annie Spratt/Unsplash

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