Google launches Android 11 beta 3: Here’s what’s new


Are you an Android user? Then you have to read this because this could be the last beta run ahead of the A11 launch.

If you have a Google Pixel smartphone, you can give the latest A11 beta 3 updates a try. This is their 8th release, and this could be their last as Google will launch a stable version of Android 11. According to Android Authority, this is the best and most stable version of Android 11 that users can try.

Aside from the Platform Stability we saw from their second Android 11 Beta, there seems to be nothing more to expect in the latest beta since the app-facing system and its features are final.

What are the features of the Android 11 prototype? We listed down some of its features.

Exposure Notification System

Since the COVID-19 brought a massive effect on our lives, Google and Apple joined the call to help health organizations in developing contact tracing applications. Google whitelisted this into the upcoming Android 11.

Before this beta launch, the A11 users need to manually okay this Exposure Notification System through their phones to access location services. With the A11 beta 3, it is now automatically switching approvals on, a notable and absolute exception Google has made.

While the control of the ENS for location services will remain upon the user’s discretion.

Does it ring a bell when it comes to your privacy?

Though many of us will think that this could be a potential invasion of personal space and data, Google assures everyone that this will not interfere with Bluetooth in terms of location. The fear that API will have access to our current location sends a backlash from users, but API will only work closely in that area.

Google’s response to this is that, for the Exposure Notification System to fulfill its mandate duly, it should be active on many devices. For sure, it is a very hard decision for Google between data privacy and saving lives in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Stability for your peace of mind

And the most awaited feature for this is that Google will launch a stable version of Android 11. We all know that this news is already making headlines, but for those who are users of Pixel phones from 2017 onwards, you are part of this update.

The latest version of Android 11 is the stability that everyone is looking forward to. The release of the said version is this coming early September.

While we are still a few weeks or months away from this launch, in the meantime, try the latest beta release and witness what it will look like on Android 11.

Image used courtesy of zollotech/YouTube Screenshot

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