Google Maps comes to Apple’s WatchOS and CarPlay

Exciting news ahead of us as Apple opens its doors to Google Maps. Soon, we will be able to navigate other maps supported through WatchOS and CarPlay.

You can do more with your WatchOS and CarPlay with the advent of Google Maps right on your wristwatch and car dashboard. It took a while before Apple finally decided to open its doors anew to provide third-party support for navigation apps. That’s according to TechCrunch, and the rebirth of Google Maps might trigger a bit of excitement for Apple watch users.

What Google has to say on its return to the Apple Watch is that smartwatches help you stay connected and provide essential information at a glance while you are on the go.

Expectations for these devices

Google Maps comes to Apple’s WatchOS and CarPlay dashboard

In terms of the Apple Watch, the application has limitations. They can provide you with specific directions like the home, office, or frequented establishments like supermarkets, malls, and restaurants. You still need to open your phone to navigate to your destination and pick up where you left off on your watch, according to Google.

In terms of CarPlay, with the integration of the Google Maps app, you can have turn-by-turn navigation alongside audio feature controls for podcasts, music, and even audiobooks. It can also be synced to the calendar too.

Apple iOS 13.4 helped support CarPlay for Google Maps to be doable on the device. This could erase the frustrations users of CarPlay have been bearing for a long time since they were dealing with it long before this development, by attempting to open it but ended up reverting to Apple Maps.

Another unique feature of Google Maps on CarPlay is that you can fully see it on-screen alongside media controls and calendar. Previously, with the iOS 12 update, third-party apps were barred for full-screen use.

Now, you can navigate your destination while biking, driving a car, riding public transport, or on foot.

If we could recall why this navigation app abandoned the Apple ship three years ago, it is due to low usage on watchOS. But Google made a promise that they will come back on the device.

Google Maps Availability

While the integration of the navigation app is now available worldwide to CarPlay supported vehicles, we can expect the availability of the app to be on watchOS in the coming weeks.

Apple Maps, A Competition

We heard before that this amazing navigation system is better than Apple Maps when it comes to accuracy on navigation. With the availability of Google Maps on these Apple devices, it may bring relief and a bit of excitement for those users as Google has more advantage of inaccurate navigation.

Images used courtesy of Google Maps/YouTube Screenshot

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