Google Maps goes social; create your profile now

Local Guide and social networking in one platform, why not? Google Maps allows you to create your profile and follow other accounts.

Google Maps is known for its go-to navigating tools that work on multiple digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. When you are wandering in a place and don’t know where exactly your destination is, Google Maps is one of the accurate digital maps you can go to. But now, they offer more than just providing you with a local guide.

Who would have thought that one day, while you’re driving and you are using Google Maps, a follow notification appears right on the maps screen. Yup! You heard it right; Google Maps is making way to get users socialized!

Google Maps for Social Media

Google Maps goes social; create your profile now

Extending their local guide program, Google Maps allows users to be followable, and it’s kind of not what we are expecting for a navigation tool. Rolling-out today, Google Maps allows users to share photos, reviews, and post them publicly.

The profile interface of the account seems like Twitter or a page from Facebook with a follow button and followers count. Once you follow a certain user, you will be able to receive updates like recommendations, posts, and other information.

This roll-out seems like a combination of information hubs mixed with a personal connection. Some of the information on Google Maps is not that 100% accurate, like business hours of an establishment, the contact number, or if a certain place is still existing or operational?

With this integration, we can look around for other reviews, opinions, and up-to-date photos of a certain place. You can also ask if a certain place is still operational.

Google Maps Rising Star

Like many other social media platforms, we can expect some of its users to be recognized as influencers in the world of the local guide scene. We can expect in the future that the blue check icon will be a verified account. But that’s all we can speculate as they’ve just initially rolled-out this feature.

Keep your profile low key

Like many other social media platforms, you can set your profile private if you want to be off the public radar. You can manually approve the following request for your account. You can also filter topics that you are most interested in.

And if you want to keep it to yourself the treasures of your place, you may do so by restricting your profile. But does this defeat the purpose of being a local guide? Well, it’s still up to the users.

Images used courtesy of Make Tech Easier/YouTube Screenshot and BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

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