Google Maps Revamped: Getting more details

They are triggered, and now, they are working on their improvement. Google Maps is fighting back to win your amazement with more enhancements on their maps.

With the much-awaited iOS 14 from Apple users, the company also said that it had done a major overhaul of its Apple Maps, one of the great features they’ve worked on and will be part of the enhancements made for the iOS 14 update. So this update from Apple triggers Google Maps to level-up its cartographic skills, and they are just making an impressive move.

Google Maps is Fighting Back!

Google Maps Revamped: Getting a Lot More Details

As reported by Forbes, Google Maps will not rest on improving its maps. According to Sujoy Banerjee, product manager of Google Maps, we can expect massive visual upgrades on their maps.

While we say massive, it pertains to the 220 countries where these upgrades will be available. Another reason for the massive is that this is the map’s major makeover over the past 15 years as the company is fighting to depend on its lead from direct competition.

Google Maps Revamp: Crystal Clear

As explained by Banerjee, we could expect clearer and more realistic colors on their maps with the use of a new color-mapping algorithmic technique. “We’re able to take this imagery and translate it into an even more comprehensive, vibrant map of an area at global scale,” Banerjee said.

Google Maps currently offers high-definition satellite imagery to 98% of the global population, and with these enhancements, we can say that the images and the intrinsic details of the streets, cities, or a country is much clearer. But that’s what we are surprised by the upgrades.

As we say crystal clear, for Google Maps, it’s all about terrain, land, ice caps, and even beaches! Yes, you heard it right, you can peek into much more defined and realistic shapes of mountains, parcels of vegetation, deserts and famous beaches around the globe.

Google says that what you see in the bigger picture could be seen closer when you zoom in – from big cities down to bucolic areas. Imagine the enhancements made by Google Maps, currently, I can say that their maps are amazing as you can zoom in to the streets with high-definition imagery of the surroundings and now, they are offering more of that.

Speaking of street imagery, the company is also working on improving more on the streets for bigger cities. You can expect clearer paths for street crossings, pedestrian lanes, sidewalks, and even the actual shapes and width of the roads.

This improvement is beneficial for those people who have disabilities, especially for those who are in their strollers or wheelchairs. Thanks to Google Maps, it’s a win-win improvement for everyone.

It is expected to roll-out next week, so what does Apple Maps have to say about this one?

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