Google Maps will now show the COVID affected areas

Google Maps Will Now Show The COVID Affected Areas

Google Maps have introduced a brand new feature. Now the users can locate all the COVID-19 affected areas in the nearby locations.

Google Maps will tell the users about COVID-19 affected areas, just like it shows the amount of traffic on the road. It helps the users to choose their route wisely. Also, this feature shows the numbers of COVID-19 cases in a particular region.

This feature can cut down the community infection rate by spreading awareness among people. This Google Maps feature helps users know which area is more affected and which area is less affected.

The Google officials told that the source of the data would be authentic. Google Maps users should not worry about the data being incorrect. All the information is given by Google Maps will be accurate and correct.

What did Google say?

An official from Google said that; Google is going to launch the COVID-19-layer feature in Google Maps. Google Maps’ COVID-19 layer is a tool that shows critical information about COVID-19 cases in a particular area.

He admitted that this feature would help the users to make the right decisions about traveling. In one of its blogs, Google commented that; Google maps will provide data based on authentic sources like John Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia.

Google Maps Will Now Show The COVID Affected Areas

Google will also mention the sources of these organizations. Most of Google’s sources take their data from the country’s public health organizations. Those public health organizations can vary from the World Health Organization, government health ministries, state and local health agencies, and hospitals.

How to use Google Maps COVID-19 layer?

First of all, the user needs to open the Google Maps application. After that, The user needs to click on the Layers. At last, The user needs to select the ‘COVID-19 info’ option.

Also, In another blog, Google said, “The COVID-19 layer displays the 7-day average for the number of recent cases per 100,000 people. It also indicates whether cases are increasing or decreasing.”

Google Maps will differentiate the COVID affected areas by different colors. Every Color will indicate something like; Grey means less than 1 case. Whereas Yellow will indicate 1-10 cases, Orange means 10-20 cases, Dark Orange means 20-30 cases, Red means 30-40 cases, and Dark red means 40+ cases.

The application also provides data about all the other countries in the world. It also includes information about the COVID affected areas in a country’s territory, states, and cities.

This feature will be available for Android and iOS users. Also, Google is functioning with the Indian Council of Medical Research and MyGov to get accurate data. Google will also provide information about COVID-19 test centers.

Now, Indian Google users can search COVID-19 test centers via Google search, Google Assistant, and Google maps. This feature will help Google users to search out government COVID-19 test centers in the users’ neighborhood.

Images Courtesy for Maps/ Pexel and Google Maps/ Flickr

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