Google Meet now supports custom backgrounds

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform by Google. Recently it has been rolling out a new feature of custom backgrounds.

The video conferencing application Google Meet is rolling out a new feature. The custom background feature will change the background of a user during a video conference. However, this feature is available on many other video conferencing platforms.

The company gave the information in an official blog post. Only a few videoconferencing applications provide the custom background feature.

After zoom and Microsoft teams, Google is the third platform to introduce this feature.

What is Google Meet?

In the era of digitalization, video conferencing is becoming more and more resourceful and vital. Due to the pandemic, many video conferencing platforms came into the spotlight.

Google Meet is one of those platforms. The platform provides a base for video conferencing.

Any user with a GSuite account can use it for free. However, it also has a premium version. The premium version can provide many more features than the basic version.

Also, Google Meet is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. At first, many users were criticizing the platform for being less resourceful.

The platform was lacking many features as compared to other video conferencing platforms. Due to its availability on various devices, the number of users started to increase day by day.

The custom background feature

The custom background feature is also known as a virtual background feature. Because of the latest conditions, the demand for this feature has been increasing day by day.

This feature allows the user to put a virtual background behind him or her quickly.

However, the user will not require a green screen to get a virtual background. The feature will automatically detect the background. After detecting it, it will erase and animate it.

The user can also blur his or her background. Also, he or she can insert animation effects in the backdrop. The virtual background provides privacy to the users.

Attending a video conference from home can include unwanted people or objects. However, this feature allows them to remove all of that.

How to enable the feature?

The virtual background will not need any additional extension. Firstly, the user needs to sit in a brightly lit place for the conference.

Secondly, the user will go to Google Meet and select a meeting; he or she wants to join.

Thirdly, on the bottom right corner, there are three dots. The user should click on that and select change the background option from the dropdown menu.

The user can then choose from the “Blur your background” option or “upload your image for your background.”

Although, this feature is only available in the browser version of the Google Meet application.

Google will soon provide this feature to smartphone users. Also, the company is looking forward to rolling out many more features in Google Meet.

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