Google Meet rolls out active noise cancellation to rival Zoom

Google Meet rolls out active noise cancellation to rival Zoom

Google Meet is rolling out its version of background noise cancellation. The feature is automatically switched on in web browser video calls.

At this point in the pandemic, all forms of online communication are essential. There are several factors to consider in choosing which app is best for a person’s needs. The top one is security.

As recent news would show, Zoom had its fair share of trouble the past months. Ever since then, they have had a target on their backs placed by other video conferencing apps such as Google Meets and Facebook-owned apps.

A second consideration is the ease of use. Not needing log-in credentials is a big plus for the majority of users. Another big factor is the video conferencing app’s built-in features. Right now, many enjoy Zoom’s built-in noise-canceling feature.

Soon, Google Meet users can enjoy the same feature on Google’s video-conferencing application.

Google Meet noise cancellation

The feature is now only available for G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. In a demonstration video, G Suite director of Product Management, Serge Lachapelle, showed just how powerful the noise cancellation feature is.

The ‘de-noiser,’ as he calls it, works with Google’s powerful AI software. It captures and zones in only on the voice of the speaker and masks all other background noises. In the demo video, Lachapelle showed different common noise occurrences during video calls.

He included opening a bag of chips, mixing of coffee in mugs, and the usual pen clicking. To ensure all doubters, he demoed the noise produced by the items before enabling the ‘de-noiser.’ As soon he hit turned the feature on, he was able to simultaneously talk and open his bag of chips, and mix his coffee.

All of these, he was able to do without any interference in the audio quality of his voice.

Google Meet advantage

Zoom had its version of the noise-canceling feature back in 2018. Unfortunately, several users still encounter noise interference during their video calls. The problem only goes to show that the feature on Zoom is still not functioning as designed.

Google, on the other hand, is launching an almost perfect feature from the get-go. They have the advantage of utilizing their powerful AI system to ensure that the ‘de-noiser’ works as intended.

Google also has the advantage of having a hardware business. They can easily utilize the learnings that they have gathered in creating their hardware, such as the Pixel, and convert it for Google Meet.

Image courtesy of Google/ Youtube

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