Google Meet unlimited free calls promo extended to 2021

Google Meet unlimited free calls promo extended to 2021

Google backtracked on its previous announcement that Google Meet is ending this month. Google account holders may take advantage of unlimited free calls until March 2021.

Last April, Google announced that the Google Meet free unlimited video conference will be ending this month. Users may then avail of a Meet subscription in order to continue with certain services.

However, it seems like Google has realized that the pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. Thus, the company decided to extend the promo until next year.

Small businesses and schools who are in for remote meetings may now enjoy the free video conference and other services.

According to Google, the decision to extend Meet is to make sure that people still have a means to “stay in touch” with their loved ones.

Google Meet offers free calls amid the pandemic

Keeping up with Zoom and Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger continues to be one of the top choices when it comes to video conferences. It is very accessible to everyone.

Zoom is one of the more popular video conference apps today. Its usage spiked up during the peak of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Google Meet came in a little bit late into the game but offered a better service compared to Zoom. For example, free accounts may get up to 60 minutes of calls compared to 40 minutes in Zoom.

Google extended the free video conference duration to keep up with the two mentioned applications. Gmail users may also take advantage of video chats of up to 50 users.

On the other hand, GSuite customers may continue to live stream to 250 participants using one link.

Google Meet’s move is probably the best thing for the company right now. Or else, users may move on to Zoom or other alternatives such as Discord.

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