Google Meet video calls may be launched straight from Gmail soon


Gmail will soon have a dedicated Google Meet tab. Google Meet video calls may also be launched straight from an inbox email in a few weeks.

The video conferencing arena fight is heating up. Zoom is still at the forefront of the digital shift of work and school setup. Its tight competitors are Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. All major social media sites are also ramping their services for group video calls.

Google Meet video calls launch from Gmail

Having a mobile app for a video conferencing app is a must these days. In fact, all major platforms have one. Google on its part isn’t contented with just having a scattered approach in the Google experience.

The company announced via its blog post about the latest integration in their mobile app system. Soon, Google Meet users may enjoy launching a video call straight from Gmail. There are two ways to do this.

First, a user may launch a video call straight from his inbox. If he gets an email with a Google Meet link, he just has to click on the link and the app will immediately force a pop-up of a Google Meet video call.

Second, Google will roll out a dedicated Google Meet launcher on the Gmail interface. Once a user presses the icon, a new video call meeting is setup. Otherwise, users may also press on this button to type in a Google Meet code to join an existing video call.

Three things that make a video conferencing app the best

Security is still the biggest factor in considering a video call app. The second most important factor is the ease of use of the app’s interface. The third factor that is always considered is the number of people allowed to join a video call.

Zoom has been notorious for the first factor but has been good for the second and third items. Facebook and WhatsApp have been good in the first and third factors, but fall short on the allowable participants in a call.

Right now, Google is making a good case for itself with this latest update.

Destroying competition

Some reviewers are particularly against the existence of the Google Meet functionality within the Gmail app. They say that the app is already bloated enough with a plethora of functions. Adding a Google Meet icon on the interface will just further complicate the app’s purpose.

Also, the presence of Google Meet is self-serving. Google is clearly using its tight-knit ecosystem to bring more users to the app. Some regulators may see this as a competition-crushing tactic so Google must watch its own back in this case.

Image courtesy of Google

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