Google Messages RCS chats will get an end-to-end encryption soon

Google Messages RCS chats will get an end-to-end encryption soon

Google Messages will reportedly have end-to-end encryption roll out soon to its one billion users worldwide.

The world of messaging had three big epochs leading to the instant messaging utilized now. The onset of the beepers allowed instant messaging between users. It was then followed by short-message-service or better known as SMS.

The SMS had quite a run since its introduction in handphones in the 90s. It was only during the advent of the smartphones that SMS took a bit hit as more and more users moved to instant messaging apps. Fortunately, carriers around the world are ready to introduce the next innovation for carrier-to-carrier messaging with Rich Communication Service or the RCS, and Google is at the forefront of rolling this feature out for a wide adaption.

Messages RCS chats may soon have end-to-end encryption

Messages just had a momentous milestone achieved when it hit the one billion downloads mark in the Google PlayStore earlier this month. Soon, Messages may go head to head with the likes of Viber and WhatsApp because of end-to-end encryption.

According to a back-end sleuthing on the 6.2 version of the app, Messages is about to roll out end-to-end encryption between users. The details surrounding the service isn’t clear yet, but the summary of the update will be a more secure manner of chatting between users.

The update will have several questions to answer considering that some Messages users send their messages to non-Messages users. There is no doubt about Messages to Messages users getting the encryption feature.

Additionally, for the encryption to work smoothly, a stable internet connection is needed. Otherwise, an RCS sent via Messages may end up becoming just an SMS or an MMS, which most likely will not be encrypted.

Next front for the RCS

Google has taken the reins of rolling out RCS to all Android users in its clutch. Despite not shipping phones with the Messages app, Google has convincingly brought one billion users into its fold. The number of downloads says a lot about the app.

Google is making the lives of mobile network carriers a breeze. It is paving the way for more adoption to the RCS network. As soon as politics and business get out of the way, mobile network carriers will be able to provide RCS smoothly to their users.

The adaption to RCS is relatively slow due to the plethora of instant messaging apps available. Nevertheless, Google is making huge strides for everyone once the full rollout is embraced by smartphone users.

Image courtesy of NordWood/Unsplash

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