Google Photos launch new updates for android

The newest update by Google in its Photos app for android has rolled out photo editing features. The latest User Interface or UI of the editor feature in Google Photos comes with an automatic application of edits to your photos.

This feature is using a machine learning technique to implement it. This technique is also powering Google Photos‘ smart suggestion feature that enables the users to edit a picture or rotate or make a video in Google Photos.

The first glimpse of the feature was already out in August, but it has been finally launched for the users on 1st September, Thursday.

New ‘Suggestions’ tab

With the application of this new interface, Google adds a new tab which is called ‘suggestions.’ It would provide recommendations for different photo edits that would help the users to edit pictures automatically in the Photos app.

The feature will allow the app to automatically adjust the pictures’ visual elements like brightness, contrast, portrait effects. It can also perform other edits like color pop or color enhancements, making the images aesthetically appealing. Google, in its launch of the google photos update, added that it would launch even more suggestions in the google photos app on the Google Pixel devices, which would be rolling out in the next few months.

Portrait light feature

The portrait light feature is rolling out exclusively for the new Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 users. This feature enables automatic light adjustment when in focus. However, one can change the setting to manual guide in the app.

Updated user interface

In the launch of the new features of Google Photos, the company also updated its editor UI. This will benefit the users through its large button size feature. And a slider at the bottom of the screen for the adjustment used for the edit. The quality is similar to the features available on Instagram to edit your pictures or in Apple stocks’ photos on IOs.

Comparison from the previous version

In comparing the last update and the current rolling out an update of the google photos app, the app has become much easier to use. The user interface has become much less complicated and easy to view and edit pictures. The controls are much easier to access as they are now bigger and better in clarity than previous versions. The Google Photos update has made its UI more comfortable and handy to use than any of the last updates.

Image courtesy of BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

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