Google Pixel 3a absence in the market means trouble for the company

Google Pixel 3a discontinuing from the market means trouble for the company

The Google Pixel 3a can no longer be bought from the official Google Store. It could mean that there is trouble in its smartphone business.

The COVID-19 is a truly heavy burden for the smartphone industry. Tech giants such as Apple and Samsung have all been brought to their knees in terms of operations. Both companies have adjusted their sales and shipment forecasts for this year.

If Apple and Samsung have been affected, it only means that struggling companies are hit harder by the pandemic. Among these struggling entities is Google’s smartphone business. Its user base has always been a niche in the smartphone market. Unfortunately, its positioning strategy doesn’t seem to be effective anymore.

Google Pixel 3a discontinued

The production of the budget phone from Google has been discontinued. The official statement of the company was quite straightforward. It said,

“Google Store has sold through its inventory and completed sales of Pixel 3a. For people who are still interested in buying Pixel 3a, the product is available from some partners while supplies last.”

Some analysts think that the company is losing its appetite for the smartphone business. Google CEO Sundar Pichai admits that ‘hardware is hard.’ He adds that the future of pure power computing is in high-end devices. The company will have to work on these devices first before having new features trickle down to the budget lineup.

The admiration for the Google Pixel 3a was stellar as it introduced a real midrange phone in the main U.S. market. Unfortunately, the sales numbers of Pixel 3a is still dwarfed by its competitors from Samsung’s A-series and Apple’s iPhone SE.

Google Pixel 4a still just a rumor

The discontinuance of one smartphone normally means that a successor is already underway. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the Google Pixel 3a. Google’s Pixel 4a is still just a rumor, and the company hasn’t drummed up any teaser for it.

Andy Boxall of Digital Trends thinks that Google isn’t fully committed to its smartphone business anymore. He said,

“Google’s treatment of it [Pixel 3a], and its no-show replacement, is further evidence Google isn’t ready to behave like a traditional hardware company focused on maintaining a wide smartphone portfolio. We shouldn’t expect it to follow the same schedule as Apple, Samsung, and others.”

Data is still king for the company, and it will continue to build on that success moving forward. As such, it is still no confirmation whether a successor is already in the pipeline. Google’s userbase will just have to wait for the company to announce it sooner or later in the year.

Image from Sebastian Bednarek/ Unsplash

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