Google Pixel 4a further delayed, announcement on July 13, says analyst

Google Pixel 4a further delayed, announcement on July 13, says analyst

The arrival of the Google Pixel 4a is, yet again, rumored to be further delayed. A highly-noted tech analyst says Google may break the news on July 13.

Google Pixel 4a rumors continue to make headlines, and this time, it is about its makers’ official announcement of its release. The news was sparked by a reliable leaker, Jon Prosser.

The tech community has proven Prosser’s sources in the past. Last April, all his information about the iPhone SE 2020, up to its supposed release, was proven to be precise. This time, he’s chiming in with the Google Pixel 4a news.

Google keeps pushing the Google Pixel 4a release

Prosser gave an update to his May 22 & 21 tweets, where he indulged in the Pixel 4a’s schedule that keeps on getting pushed back. Last month, the tech analyst mentioned that Google originally penned in a May announcement.

However, it was allegedly delayed until June. Then, it was pushed back, yet again. Prosser’s recent update says Google will finally make the announcement on July 13.

The reason behind the constant hold back is reportedly due to “market conditions,” and not because of any disruption to the smartphone’s supply chain. As many may have suspected, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have hindered the release of many anticipated models this 2020.

Many have commended the bold move of Apple for releasing its 2020 flagships during the peak of the pandemic.

Right now, based on Prosser’s analysis and sources, the Pixel 4a is set to distributed on October 22.

No Barely Blue model

The news that Google’s next Pixel series entry may further be delayed is not the only sad news for its awaiting consumers. It looks like there will be no “Barely Blue” model.

Instead, Pixel 4a will only offer the “Black” model. It is saddening to many Google product users, as its unusual, but attracting color variants is one of the tech giant’s best traits. Micky News previously reported that its Not Pink Google Pixelbook Go gets sold out real fast.

Prosser went ahead and double-checked this information a few times, hoping for a system error. However, it seems that the only color variant available is just “Black.”

Let’s just hope that “Barely Blue” will be announced a little later, similar to the Not Pink Pixelbook Go.

Other Pixel series news

Meanwhile, the news about Pixel 4a getting pushed back becomes a domino effect. Accordingly, per Prosser’s sources, the Pixel 5 release will be delayed as well.

An ongoing discussion within the tech community suggests that Pixel 4a might be renamed to Pixel 5 instead. Although, that may not be the case. On the other hand, the analyst suggests that it’ll be better to launch 4a and 5 “side-by-side.” 

That is considering the fact that 4a might come in just one color variant.


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