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Google Pixel 4a: How to preorder?


The Pixel 4a is available in a bundle for the phone, as well as in the case of $389. Amazon USA says that the device will be released on August 20, 2020.

The Google Pixel 4a is now available for preorder. It will come with Android 10 but is expected to get Android 11 on September 8.

Android 11 supports a bevy of new features, including floating bubbles to access frequent contacts quickly. It has also improved security and app permissions, and a conversations section on the notification screen that makes it simpler to view social media and app updates.

Pixel 4a preorder price

Google has announced the Pixel 4a, its new mid-range Android phone that packs in features similar to the Pixel 4. Its excellent camera and astrophotography mode are the same as the previous flagship. However, the Pixel 4a is at a much more affordable price.

As per The Verge, the new device will be available starting on August 20. Preorders are up in a few places, including Google’s store, Amazon, and Best Buy.

The Google Pixel 4a is available for preorder on Amazon for $389, and it includes a fabric case with the purchase. If you want the phone, Amazon is also offering it alone for $349.

Best Buy is currently accepting preorders for the phone, and the unlocked phone costs $350. If you want to activate it with a carrier, Best Buy will knock $50 off the price.

Is it worth the price?

Compared to buying for most other phones, purchasing the new Pixel is so simple. As of now, the smartphone has just one size, one storage configuration, and one color. So, your only decision is where you want to buy it and whether you want a case included with your purchase or not.

The Pixel 4a is just as sturdy and well-made, and the soft-touch coating on the back feels unique. With just a price of $350, reviewers find the phone so worth it to buy since it has a lot of features to offer.

It offers helpful Pixel-only tools like Live Caption for Calls, Call Screening, Recorder, and Personal Safety features. Though it only comes in one color option and just a single rear camera, the Pixel 4a still manages to be the best phone for the price.

Aside from the shape, the Pixel 4a’s full HD+ OLED panel is roughly the same as the Pixel 4’s. It also supports HDR and is bright enough to see in sunlight.

Google bucked that trend with the Pixel 3a’s fantastic camera, and the 4a is no different. And even though it is not as high end as other smartphones, it still highlights 3,140 mAh, which lasted up to 12 hours in a video rundown test.

Images used courtesy of The Verge/YouTube Screenshot

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